Color Patina Gallery
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E656 - Reticulated posts with citrine*, $75 E704 - Reticulated spiral posts with citrine*, $75

P63 - Geometric pin, $60 E63 - Round posts, $48

PFIG - Figure pin, $60
EFIG (not shown) - Matching figure earring, $60
EHAND - Hand earrings, $48
PHAND (not shown) - Matching hand pin, $48

Julie Howison is a jewelry designer from Portland, Maine who sells her work in galleries, museums, and clothing stores throughout the United States and at retail craft shows in New England. Her designs are simple, often geometric, and are embellished with surface textures and patinas, both color and black.

262 Capisic Street, Portland, Maine 04102-1706 — phone: 207 772 1197 — email: julie [at] juilehowison [dot] com